We align ourselves with like-minded industry professionals and organizations that complement our services.

Strategic Partner Contact

Kenneth Taylor, VP, Business Development
Tel: +1 (305) 600-0043

Hedgeforce - A Force in Hedge Fund Marketing


Our firm relies heavily on a highly targeted partnership model. We align ourselves with those in relevant industries to operate cohesively in a variety of value-added scenarios. We form partnerships, both formal and informal, with groups and individual professionals from the below areas:


We form cohesive relationships with independent consultants to all investor classes with a particularly keen interest on opening up lines of communication with family office and pension fund consultants along with independent third party marketers.


We constantly seek relationships with the advisory segment of private bankers and high net worth money managers to individuals, trusts, foundations and family offices.

Merchant & Investment Banking

We collaborate with professionals from the boutique-level investment banking community to liaise on the fund servicing and exposure through promotion of deals in their respective pipelines.

Prime Services

We partner with mid-sized prime brokerage operations along with non-competing boutiques. In addition to exchanging dialogue on the ever increasing need for regulation, transparency and innovative trade processing, we often find that many of our clients are seeking to diversity their prime services in a multi-prime environment.

Capital Introduction

Hedgeforce is always interested in collaborating on joint capital introduction projects. By leveraging our in-house marketing team we enable funds to stand out from the norm and increase the exposure rate than through traditional methods.