We offer a full suite of services surrounding the launch and growth of emerging hedge fund ventures.

Marketing Services Contact

David Feldman, SVP, Marketing
Tel: +1 (305) 600-0039


Investor Relations Services Contact

Joshua Russell, SVP, Client Services
Tel: +1 (305) 600-0046


Human Capital Services Contact

Jennifer Gutierrez, VP, Human Resources
Tel: +1 (305) 600-0074

Hedgeforce - A Force in Hedge Fund Marketing


Marketing and Fundraising

We are a full service marketing firm dedicated to alternative investments. In short, we plan, design, brand, package and distribute high quality investment offerings along a predetermined strategy of identified institutional investors and portfolio managers. Our proprietary databases of key decision makers and advisors combined with our ability to optimize multiple communications channels, allows for unparalleled exposure in fund opportunity distribution.

Investor Relations

On the heels of success of a new round of capital raising, an immediate need for a solid investor relations strategy emerges as constant communication and transparency are key to continued investing and referred co-investing. Hedgeforce customizes investor relations solutions with a focus on CRM driven technology to outperform the highest of investor satisfaction benchmarks.

Human Capital

While we do not engage in employee placement, our unique business model utilizes top talent in the field of alternative investment management, from traders to in-house marketers to compliance, we use the same concepts and skills as we do in marketing funds to consult with firms in seeking out highly customized talent to accommodate fund growth. While not a core area of our business, the benefits of streamlining growth through existing relationships has proven to be extremely effective.