Our executive team is diverse and driven with a common global mindset.


Anthony D'Souza, Chief Executive Officer

Gerrold Ascher, Chief Financial Officer

Raj Sarin, Chief Technology Officer

Ravi Mistry, SVP, Research

David Feldman, SVP, Marketing

Josh Russell, SVP, Client Services

Kenneth Taylor, VP, Business Development

Domonic Snyder, VP, Business Intelligence

Advisory Board

Jean-Louis Bernard

Whitney Clary Marie Stokes

Ryan Bonifacino

Tyler Madison

Andrew Neuberg

Kristin Fernholz

L.A. Dahl

Hedgeforce - A Force in Hedge Fund Marketing


The dynamic team behind our firm has a combined 80 years of experience in the business of alternative investment management and marketing. Our focus on the fusion of marketing and technology enables us to have a highly effective impact on fund marketing and distribution.

The core of our management team consists of professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds that includes investment banking, marketing, trading, financial planning, research and computer programming. Our professionals come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and professional environments; many have lived and worked in several countries and speak multiple languages.

Founding partners Anthony D'Souza and Gerrold Ascher lead a management team of Raj Sarin, Ravi Mistry, David Feldman, Josh Russell, Kenneth Taylor and Domonic Snyder. Our Advisory Board consists of established professionals and industry partners in the investment management and marketing community. Advisory Board members include Jean-Louis Bernard, Whitney Clary Marie Stokes, Ryan Bonifacino, Tyler Madison, Drew Neuberg, Kristin Fernholz and L.A. Dahl.